Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Yr11: L1 Recap + Creating Quiz

In this lesson you will:
  1. familiarise yourself with the resources offered on this blog!
  2. look back at some of the key terms and concepts you learned last year
  3. research an area arising from this and...
  4. create a '3 facts 3 questions 3 sources' briefing/quiz for the rest of the class
By the end of the lesson you should have answers to the initial quiz worksheet questions (25 in total); have researched a topic; created a PowerPoint with 3 facts and 3 questions and 3 useful online resources listed on this topic which can be shared with the class; have heard the other groups' 3 briefing facts and had a go at answering their 3 questions.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Yr11 L5: Free speech + web (in)accuracy

See David Conn's analysis of an official report into the racism and other abuse footballers and clubs have received on Twitter and other social media.

Throughout this lesson we will explore and discuss the proposition that:
"People should be free to put whatever they want on the internet"
Download, save and use the Word document below (its also in the Citizenship/Yr11 folder, so you can also copy/paste into your My Documents). Type (or print + write) into this as we go.

L5 Free Speech Web Tasksheet

State whether you agree or disagree with the quote above, and write down one argument in favour of this AND one argument against.
FEEDBACK: We will take an initial vote on this and come back to it for a second vote by the end of the lesson.
We will also note down some of your initial points for and against the proposition.

A tweet claiming Wikileaks endangered lives
Click on one or more (ctrl+click to open in a new window or tab so you don't have to re-find this web page!) of the hyperlinks below and make brief notes on a recent case where the limits of free speech online have been tested.
WIKILEAKS accused of endangering soldiers' lives and national security: BBC article; Wikipedia entry; Daily Telegraph on Bradley Manning trial; Washington Post on threat from Wikileaks; has Wikileaks damaged Freedom of Information in the USA?; FreeBradleyManning.org on the question of whether his leaking endangered lives.
TOM DALEY - arrests over abusive tweets (D. Mail); controversial right-wing columnist Melanie Phillips argues this is censorship.
JAILED FOR REVEALING RAPE VICTIM'S IDENTITY ONLINE - Independent reports two charged over tweets in footballer rape case; Mirror report.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Yr11: News v Views + your TV consumption

I'll add video clips used later.
Below you can find two news articles on the news story that will lead your new TV show aimed at 14-19s. One is from The Guardian, a fairly left-wing newspaper (which therefore favours higher taxation and public spending, and is generally pro-unions and positive towards public sector workers, and traditionally very anti-Conservative Party), and one from the very right-wing newspaper Daily Mail (which therefore favours lower taxation + public spending, and is generally hostile towards unions and public sector workers, and traditionally very pro-Conservative Party).

SOURCE 1: http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2012/sep/30/new-schools-smaller-coalition-budget?newsfeed=true

New schools to be smaller after coalition cuts building budget

Corridors, assembly halls and canteens to shrink in size under government proposals for 261 replacement buildings
The Thomas Deacon Academy in Peterborough, designed by Lord Foster at a cost said to be close to £50m