Sunday, 4 October 2015

Yr11 L2a: Investigating our local MPs

In this lesson we will be:
  • identifying some of our local (regional + parliamentary constituency) elected representatives
  • investigating what MPs actually do!
  • researching the role of Parliament
There are three blog posts for this lesson; you can access each via the links at the bottom of posts.
Can you name the local MP? Do you know which party he represents?

Use the links provided to help answer these questions.

An unusual MP?
  1. How many MPs are there for the West Yorkshire area, and which political party holds most of these seats? [Use this Wiki - its a little bit out of date; there should be one less Labour and one Respect MP]
  2. How many MPs are there for the Bradford council district? Name them, and note which party they represent. [Use this Bradford Council list]
  3. Who is the MP for the area that includes Ilkley, which party does s/he represent and what is the constituency called? [You can use the same link as for Q2, or this one!]
  4. This question requires some independent research: parliamentary seats are described as being either safe or marginal - which is Keighley? (You should look at the size of the majority, the difference between the number of votes received by the winner and the runner-up)
  5. What makes George Galloway MP (Bradford West) unusual in terms of party affiliation? 
EXTENSION: If you're finished ahead of others, read this article to find out why Kris Hopkins' seat might be under threat (and an analysis of the factors that helped him win in what had been a safe Labour constituency...
When we've worked through this, including the answers, we'll go on to task two: investigating what MPs actually do...

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