Friday, 4 October 2013

Q1-4 The 4 Qs for Controlled Assessment

You will have accessed a guide to your controlled test with these, but for convenience you can always access the questions for each of the 4 sections in this post. Remember, it is a 3 hour controlled test, and you will get 4 time slots in different lessons to complete this. You also have a Citizenship exam.

1. Enquiry into the citizenship issue (10 marks) [35mins]

1a) Choose an issue and say why the issue is importantly locally and nationally. Attach issues-based evidence.
1b) Describe how the issue links to at least one of the following citizenship themes from Unit 1:
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Power, Politics and the media
  • The global community
2. Application of skills of advocacy and representation (15 marks) [55mins]

2. a) Communicate with two people in positions of power or influence to find out what they think about the issue. Attach evidence that shows how you tried to communicate, influence or persuade these people. Outline the views of the two people and compare these with your own view
2. b) Why do you think people hold different views on this issue?
3. Participation in action to address the citizenship issue (15 marks) [55mins]
3a) Describe how you might affect your issue through action.
3b) Participate in action, showing how you addressed this issue. How did you negotiate and consult with others to decide on your citizenship action? What action did you take? Attach evidence of your action and how you made a contribution.
4. Assessment of the impact of own action (10 marks)[35mins]
4a) Assess how your action contributed to your issue, both locally and nationally.
4b) Now that you have finished, assess how well the action went and how it has affected your view.

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