Saturday, 19 October 2013

Q2: 2013 Guest Speaker1: Karen Palframan

This post has more info on Karen + Q2 guidance
You can find details of Karen's previous talks to IGS students here (a sample of this is pictured - there is more info on Karen, and guidance on how to answer Q2); below is the PowerPoint she used. Use
this to add any details you missed, thinking especially about points which help show how this issue works at both local and national levels (controlled test Section 1), but also about how opinions may differ on FT (section2) - as well as looking to BRIEFLY summarise (bullet points would be useful for your controlled test notes) what you consider to be the main points raised.
Hopefully, you will be able to add details of a question you asked our guest speaker, and the response you received (or notes on others' questions and the answer given).
Remember, you are also asked in section2 to consider whether or not our speaker's views match or clash with your own.
[To read the full post, including the PowerPoint Karen used, click on read more below]

Here's a reminder of the first 2 questions (see all 4 here):

1. Enquiry into the citizenship issue (10 marks) [35mins]
1a) Choose an issue and say why the issue is importantly locally and nationally. Attach issues-based evidence.

1b) Describe how the issue links to at least one of the following citizenship themes from Unit 1:

  • Rights and responsibilities

  • Power, Politics and the media

  • The global community
2. Application of skills of advocacy and representation (15 marks) [55mins]

2. a) Communicate with two people in positions of power or influence to find out what they think about the issue. Attach evidence that shows how you tried to communicate, influence or persuade these people. Outline the views of the two people and compare these with your own view. 

2. b) Why do you think people hold different views on this issue?

Remember, you can't use this PowerPoint when writing up your controlled test; you need to develop bullet point notes which you can use to help you remember key points.

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