Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Q1: The Divine Story of Kuapo Kokoo + chocolate

Kuapo Kokoo is a Ghanian FairTrade-certified company that produces cocoa.

Their website has up-to-date info on what they do; their 'story' is also told on this webpage on the Divine Chocolate website.

Divine Chocolate is, of course, the FairTrade chocolate brand that has had a transformative impact on the lives of many Ghanians (here's a link to the Divine story!) - you can see videos about schoolchildren from there and what difference FairTrade has had at papapaalive.org.

This is a great case study to use in Section 1 of your Controlled Test, where the questions set are:

1. Enquiry into the citizenship issue (10 marks) [35 mins]

1a) Choose an issue and say why the issue is importantly locally and nationally. Attach issues-based evidence.
1b) Describe how the issue links to at least one of the following citizenship themes from Unit 1:
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Power, Politics and the media
  • The global community
 You will have roughly 35mins to answer this section, and need to make sure that any evidence of research you include carries some annotation (notes or highlighting), and has your name + other required details on each page printed off.

Screenshot from the Divine chocolate website.

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