Monday, 25 November 2013

Yr10 Q1: Cashew nuts/India - another unFair trade example

Click through to to see an interactive presentation on this, featuring some audio and video clips as well as short sequences of text, and photos illustrating the points being raised. One example from this:
from a typical £2.50 supermarket bag of nuts, the supermarket takes over £1, while the pickers get just 3p

Friday, 22 November 2013

Should the AGE OF CONSENT be lowered?

A panel of medical experts have recommended that the UK's age of consent should be lowered to 15; they say that as 1/3 teens have had sex by 16, and the UK has an exceptionally high rate of teen pregnancies and STIs, we should really make a big push to convince 14 year-olds to abstain. All 3 of the big political parties (Tories, Labour, Lib Dems) very quickly rejected this advice. Perhaps they judged that supporting this would leave them open to negative media coverage?
What do YOU think? Remember, the age of consent varies widely from country to country - some of our European neighbours have a lower age, but some nations set the age as high as 21 - YOU might think the age should be increased rather than be lowered.
If you want learn more about this, you could read the Wiki on this; a Guardian editorial on the issue and politicians' reaction; or this debate on the Daily Mail's website for further info. You can find more useful articles at The Guardian's microsite for news and articles on Sexual Education.

This paper argues that the real issue is the need for better sex education - what do YOU think?