Sunday, 2 February 2014

Parliament and UK General Election Process in a Nutshell

You should bookmark this blog, and any other pages/sites you think will be helpful for your Citizenship exam.
1: Close the video list. Try the task until you get all 4 right

Click on this link, close the video pop-up menu once the page loads, and drag and drop the 4 answers, click reveal, and keep going until you go all 4 right. Use this information, and whatever you find by going on to the next step (just click reveal for each question), to write in your own defintion of the 2 main types of voting system on your worksheet.
Simply click each 'reveal'

Click here to go the page you see previewed right, with a 22min video setting out the process of the UK general election, and how our Parliament functions.

You can find many more resources on voting systems in this blog post, and several others in this blog!

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