Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Media bias - some resources

Tabloid Watch is a useful blog with a variety of detailed posts looking at the frequent inaccuracies of papers such as the Mail and Express.You can click on tags - the Mail tag flags up 790 stories!
My MediaReg blog covers media regulation; this post, for example, highlights a few cases of inaccuracy by papers such as the Mail. I have also blogged on some satirical videos, though some are not suitable for KS3/4 viewing.
You can also find profiles of what kind of person reads each newspaper (and other media organisations) here.
The name of The Sun Lies blog rather gives away what it looks at!
Is media ownership an issue? Some politicians think so. There's a Wiki too! There's a long government document on this.

One of many resources you can use
below the line, a list, hyperlinked, of many of the media regulators and campaign groups

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