Monday, 8 June 2015

Teens and drug usage

As teens, you are bombarded with media imagery glorifying drug usage; the following is a 1980s track that the media didn't realise was all about drug use. Can you think of any acts (or other media content: films, TV characters, games etc) that glorify drug usage?

That's not the only track that the media didn't realise was really about drugs; this BBC article lists others.

This is the PowerPoint we will use in the lesson. You can look up information on individual guests on the show in this.


Wiki list of stars who died through drug, alcohol abuse

UK Teens
2012 summary of statistics on teens in England
BBC summary on teens' drug/alcohol use
Daily Mail: British teens top European drug usage league?
Crime report - scroll down to section 2.1 for a summary on 16-24s
Rowntree Foundation - detailed reports looking at social influences
National Drug Prevention Alliance - a campaign group, their summary of older (2008) findings

US Teens
National Institute on Drug Abuse: summary of trends, 2014. - 11 facts on drug usage.

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