Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Identity, immigration and Britishness

British identity is a topic we've returned to throughout this year, as mandated by the new Conservative government for schools UK-wide.

Here's the PowerPoint (produced by Miss Lister) we've been using:

Using any of the resources provided or others you find, produce a video of between 2-5 minutes in which you explore and set your view on what Britishness/British identity means to you.
this should feature:
  • quotes from politicians and experts
  • headlines from media coverage
  • statistics
  • images
  • 'vox pops' (video footage of) of students or others giving their views on this
 You should include some demographic, census figures in this.

EXTENSION TASKS: review and complete this worksheet:

If there is sufficient, you will also be tasked with completing this:


Some resources you can use not just for this task but for other work (and subjects) too.

20 min clip of a discussion programme filmed in a York school exploring the question "should we promote a united British identity?"

The reaction to this is notable in itself - look at how these two uploaders put an entirely different slant on this show:

In a time of resurgent nationalism in Scotland and Wales, this 7min clip looks at the complexities of fixing on a British identity. There is a real surprise in some of the findings - contrary to the stereotype, older people are LESS likely to identify as British, and this is also true for ethnicity, as is explored in the clip.

BBC REPORT FROM 2008: Ridicule for suggesting promotion of British identity?
The response when a notionally left-wing party, Labour, proposed a national day and compulsory education on British identity, there was widespread resistance and much negative media coverage. This BBC report takes an impartial look at the response to proposals which are similar to those passed some 7 years later by a new right-wing government with little fuss or controversy.


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