Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Radicalisation and extremism


Background as you came in...

PPT VID1: 1:50 Russia Today PM Cameron's Plans to Tackle Extremism

PPT VID2: 3:06 CNN Why did missing schoolgirls turn to ISIS?

PPT VID3: 2:00 BBC Syria Girls; What's Life Like With IS

There are many such news reports; here's ABC on this. [1:42]

PPT VID4: 3:56 BBC Why Amira Abase was Radicalised

PPT VID5: 12:36 Sky News The Radicalisation of British Muslims [12:36]

Resources document

Additional TV News coverage

1: C4 News 2:49 Crackdown on extremism: a plan to push 'British values'

Task outline


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