Monday, 7 September 2015


You will be formed into small groups with the 20-minute task of researching one major news story from summer 2015: 15 minutes to research individually, then 5 minutes to organise your findings as a group so you can brief the class on this issue.

You can present your briefing with or without display technology: the format of your briefing is down to you.

Start by agreeing a group leader who can check everyone is looking at a different resource to gather information, and help organise bringing your individual findings together into a briefing that is easy to follow.

Each student will contribute a short briefing, with some facts, quotations, opinions.

Each group will present a briefing on their topic which presumes the audience (the class!) has no knowledge on this topic or event. the style or format of this is up to, but must feature everyone's contribution. This should last around 2 minutes: its a short briefing!

Each group should also select an appropriate YouTube video and pick out a section of around 1 minute to show. Copy the URL and paste it in as a comment (scroll to the very bottom of the post and click 'add comment'). If you click share below a video, you can tick a box to make that link start playing at a specific point in the video.
Click on the web page address to highlight it; copy [CTRL+C] and paste as a comment to this post, adding your topic and the time the video should start at
I've provided a very basic Google link, but you could try key words with news sources such as BBC or Guardian (BBC will be simpler usually, Guardian [newspaper] or Telegraph or Independent more complex, Mail or Express or Mirror less so).

(look under the pictures for a hyperlink taking you to a simple google search for news on this story)

1: A storm brewing in the far East... BASIC SEARCH.
2: Cutting remarks branding government action as cruel ... BASIC SEARCH.
3: Burying a peace deal? BASIC SEARCH.
4: Leeds to rival London? BASIC SEARCH.
5: Jez we can? BASIC SEARCH.
6: Man oh man... BASIC SEARCH.
7: Degrading and downgraded... BASIC SEARCH.
8: Trumped up views? BASIC SEARCH. The gaffer.
9: Straight outta excuses? BASIC SEARCH.

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